About Us

Inventory Accuracy Enterprises, Inc

Who we are

Our mission is to provide the correct solution for the application and to do so at a fair price, without sacrificing service and support.

Inventory Accuracy Enterprises, Inc was founded in 2014 in Northern Illinois. We Specialize in refurbishing, repairing, and maintaining barcoding and data collection equipment. Our knowledge also extends into wireless infrastructure and product integration. This allows us to provide a complete solution, from start to finish.

Why is Inventory Accuracy different?

We strive for excellence in 3 main categories - Quality, Service, and Efficiency. Every unit goes through a multi-point inspection upon arriving in our facility and then the same multi-point inspection is conducted before the product leaves our facility. Simply put, we want the equipment to arrive to the customer in perfect working order and will take the necessary steps to ensure this.

Aside from sending a fully inspected piece of hardware, we want the relationship to extend past the initial purchase. We want to be a valuable resource for the customer. Questions may arise, and our customer service team will be there to help along the way. We can help with barcode scanners, barcode printers, access points, labels, ribbons, rentals, repairs and more!

Inventory Accuracy believes that along with quality and great service, a company must also be efficient. We have the systems set in place to provide quick turnaround times and accurate information. On average product is shipped out within 48hours of placing the order and repairs are completed within 3-5 days of receiving the equipment.

Honesty, Service, Quality, Knowledge, and Competitive Pricing

We recommend equipment based on your needs, business processes, and your company goals - Not sales Numbers

We are, proudly, vendor agnostic - The right manufacturer for you is the one we will use

We strive to provide each client with the attention they want. When you need us, we will be there

We believe in the products we provide. Each item must pass inspection.

Our representatives take a hands on approach with the products. Each of us are passionate about the industry and are constantly learning about past, present, and future hardware, software, and business process solutions. WE WANT TO SHARE OUR KNOWLEDGE

We know we can't always provide the lowest pricing... but we sure can try!