Professional Services

In addition to hardware, Inventory Accuracy Enterprises, Inc offers an array of other professional services.  Our technicians are dedicated to seeing your  project from start to finish!

RF Site Surveys
RF Mapping
RF Health Check
On Site troubleshooting
Cable Installation
Hardware Installation


RF Site Surveys | RF Mapping | RF Health Check

RF Site Surveys are an important and necessary step in deploying a reliable RF network.  The type of site survey or RF mapping will depend on the warehouse and the hardware currently installed in the warehouse.  We can perform predictive RF site surveys in an empty warehouses, perform an RF health check, or map out where to add Access Points or Ports in a live/ working warehouse.

A predictive site survey is performed in an empty, or nearly empty warehouse.  With the predictive site survey, a dedicated site surveyor will arrive onsite and load a customer provided site map into their software.  We will verify that the site map is accurate.  Once the site map is loaded, the Surveyor will deploy 1 -2 access points in select locations and begin to take RF measurements.  This method of site survey will give a fairly accurate recommendation of where and how to install the access points.  This method will not take into account RF degradation due to product stocked in racks, or any other environmental factors that may be present in a live/ working warehouse,

On the other hand,  RF health checks and RF mapping is typically conducted in a working warehouse that already has a WLAN system deployed.  Performing an RF health check & RF mapping will give a very detailed layout of how your current RF infrastructure is handling the workload and communicating.  This method is beneficial when workers are experiencing issues connecting to the wireless network.

On Site Troubleshooting & Repairs

With our onsite troubleshooting option, a dedicated specialized technician will arrive on site to analyze and provide support for the issue.  This may pertain to Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers, or Wireless Infrastructure. At this current time, this doesn’t include troubleshooting specialized software or retrofitting new software to work with Legacy equipment.


Cabling & Hardware Installation

In many instances, hardware is added or subtracted based on the findings of site surveys and RF health checks.  We offer a cabling and hardware service to finalize the project.  A licensed and insured installer is ready to help!

We’re ready to install your equipment

  • Access Points
  • Access ports
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Cat5e Cable
  • Cat6 Cable
  • IDF
  • MDF


Each service typically requires a two week lead time.  During this time, we work with a point of contact at your facility to obtain a digital site map, list of the current equipment installed, arrange for scissor lifts or ladders to be onsite, or coordinate with other contractors that may be on the job.