Cabling and Hardware Installation

Whether you’re building a new warehouse or upgrading an older warehouse, there’s a strong likelihood that new low voltage cabling and hardware will be needed.  Here at Inventory Accuracy, we offer an onsite cabling and hardware installations.  Each project is different and will require several steps to ensure the implementation is completed effectively and efficiently.

Our technicians will need the following information –

  • Site Map with a scale that represents an accurate distance
  • Current Layout of cabling (high and low voltage), access points, IDF, MDF, switches, servers
  • Location of computer room or the area in which the cabling needs to be terminated
  • List of hardware currently being used; including scanner, printers, access points, etc

On average, we request a 1-2 week lead time for installations.  This time is used to ensure the correct technician will be assigned to the job and any additional equipment that may be needed, such as a scissor lift, can be arranged accordingly.

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